FARC Steps up Attacks in Colombia


On Wednesday the FARC continue its attacks on Colombia’s fragile infrastructure despite negotiations with the Santos administration. Two separate attacks left three dead and over half a million people with out power.

Less than two weeks ago, FARC rebels blew up energy towers in southwestern Colombia. Adriaan Alsema of ColombiaReports.com writes of the most recent attack:

The attack took place just miles south of Florencia, the capital of the Caqueta department where the FARC has a strong presence. Alleged rebels of the guerrilla group’s 3rd Front blew up two electricity pylons, effectively cutting the power supply of the entire province and its 500 thousand inhabitants.

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In a separate attack, FARC rebels killed three police officers in the Cauca province of Southern Colombia. These attacks come despite a unilateral ceasefire worked out by the Santos Administration last December.


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