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Rubio Commemorates Obama’s “Capitulation Monday”

Junior Florida Senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has dubber today, Monday, July 20th, 2015 as “Capitulation Monday”. The title aims to lambast President Obama on the Iranian Nuclear deal and the official re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

In a press release put out first thing Monday morning, the Senator says:

“History will remember July 20, 2015 as Obama’s Capitulation Monday, the day two sworn enemies of the United States were able to out-maneuver President Obama to secure historic concessions. Monday’s events at the UN, Washington and Havana leave no doubt that we have entered the most dangerous phase of the Obama presidency in which the president is flat-out‎ abandoning America’s vital national security interests to cozy up to the world’s most reprehensible regimes.

“July 20th will be a powerfully symbolic day for the Obama-Clinton foreign policy legacy, which will be remembered as a dark time in American history when the mullahs in Iran and the thugs in Havana celebrated at America’s expense.”

Senator Obama has been a top critic of both the Iran Nuclear deal and the Cuban and Venezuelan diplomatic “thaw”.

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