Cruz calls on Pelosi, House to pass anti-Semitism bill


The U.S. Senate was able to unanimously pass an anti-Semitism piece of legislation put forth by Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat Tim Kaine, but the U.S. House of Representatives has not been able to come together to condemn the disturbing and growing anti-Semitic sentiment that has gripped the nation.

Because the Democratic-led House has failed to do so, Sen. Ted Cruz has called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) to “introduce and let the House” vote on a “straightforward condemnation of anti-Semitism.”

“Last week the Senate came together and in one voice condemned anti-Semitism as a unique prejudice with a unique history, which has resulted in unique horrors throughout history,” said Cruz “The House has thus far been unable to pass a similar resolution, and the last effort ended with them throwing everything they could think of into a resolution. Meanwhile anti-Semitism continues to rise, from attacks on Jewish houses of worship to street beatings in New York. The House should try again, and I call on Speaker Pelosi to introduce and let the House vote on this strong, straightforward condemnation of anti-Semitism, which has now received the support of every single U.S. senator, 100 to nothing.”