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DACA / DAPA on Hold!

The Obama administration has had the controversial DACA and DAPA programs, which help illegal immigrants escape the fear of deportation, on hold since a judge ruled back in February that the programs should not move forward while the ongoing 26-state lawsuit proceeds.

The hiring of 3,100 DHS employees, who were to be housed in a now vacant building in Arlington, VA; has been put on hold and the building now sits mostly unused.

The Washington Post reports:

Since then, “everything is on hold,” said Kenneth Palinkas, president of National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council 119, which represents about 12,000 Citizenship and Immigration Services employees. Current employees who had been offered jobs in Crystal City have had the offers put on hold or rescinded, he said.

While the administration may be placing the DACA and DAPA programs on an administrative hold, pending the 26-state law suit, third party groups working to educate immigrants and organize them to take advantage of the program are moving full throttle.

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